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From Admin:
I apologize for not updating the website in a responsible amount of time.
Between work, and college, it's hard to maintain a healthy website. For those who want to join, the website is now up-to-date.

Rules are still the same.

I will try to have a new picture(s) up every week. Feel free to comment! "^-^"

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Video of the Week:
Markiplier reacts to mean comments left by people in regards to his professional career and overall technique in comedy in his videos.
(I do not own this video)

Message of the week:
Everyone has something they wish to say or comment about another person. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
However, if what you are saying is intended to be hurtful with a  attempt to shame someone, then your comment holds as much value and respect that you have to that person.

If you don't like the way something is done, voice your opinion, but don't do it to spite another human being and certainly don't shame others for disagreeing with you.
Be respectful of everyone's feelings; that's the least people should have to ask of you.

String Impromptu Number 1
Kevin MacLeod (Royalty Free)
Song of the Week:

String Impromptu
Kevin MacLeod

I own all music that I put up. (from CD's and such)